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Honest, Reliable Classic Roofings Since 2002

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Quality Assurance

Our raw material is of exceptional quality keeping in mind the roof needs to be as strong as the base.

Our Mission

Our mission is to always be a leader of the designing industry and not a follower. This will be achieved through continuous dedication to innovation.

Our Vision

As a company we have one vision, which is to be the best, in every aspect. As a company we will never stop looking to improve.

Roofing Is What We Do

Roofing Is What We Do

Metal Roofing

  • Steel is the most common type of metal roofing. Standing seam metal is very strong and long lasting when made from good quality steel. Good quality steel has multiple layers of primer and paint to create a long lasting metal. A quality steel metal roof will come with a 40 or 50 year material warranty.

  • Copper is really only used as an accent piece. Dormers and entry ways are the most common place to see copper. Copper is very expensive and requires a lot of maintenance to keep the material from getting a patina, unless that is the look that is wanted.

  • Aluminum is less common then steel because it is to soft. Aluminum is a great metal for gutters because it needs to be bent more to create the shape. Standing seam metal roofs have an open panel between the ribs, most commonly 16”. This section will create ripples in the metal and start to oil can as it ages. The thicker the steel the less this will show.


Sandwich Roofing

The roof of a building is one of the most important parts of the architecture of the building, while being the part that is affected the most from natural conditions such as snow, rain, and storm.

Thanks to Teknopanel’s sandwich roof panels, you can ensure thermal, humidity, water, sound insulation and fire resistance especially on the roof claddings of industrial buildings. Therefore, you make your building stronger against tough natural conditions.

According to the needs investors and designers feel for the buildings, Teknopanel produces PUR, PIR, Mineral Wool and EPS insulated roof panels in 3 and 5 rib forms, and with standard and hidden screwed options. In its product range, it offers membraned roof panels for low-slope terrace roofs, and GRP roof panels for modern animal and poultry husbandry facilities.

Polycarbonate Roofing

If you plan to have a translucent or transparent roof for your building, use polycarbonate sheets instead of the old traditional materials. Previously, people used to have roofs made of wood, clay, concrete, clay, or stone, but the trends have changed. 

Nowadays, the trend of having transparent roofs is at its peak, and people usually opt for polycarbonate roof panels. These panels are durable, flexible, sturdy, lightweight, and UV protected. The polycarbonate clear roofing panels withstand extreme temperatures; hot or cold. 

poly roofing.jpeg
Roof Tiles

Who We Are

About Our Company

Classic Roofings is one of the prominent organizations, engaged as a manufacturer and supplier and Service provider for our products which include Roofing Structure, Residential Roofing, Metal Roof and many more.Our services have found applications in various industries and commercial sectors. We believe in providing good service to the customer and getting repeated orders from them. With our excellence in service and years of industrial experience, we have created a big list of clientele and offer them their varied range of services as per their demands.


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Our Services

In 25 years of working traditional and Roofing structures in the business, we have effectively figured out how to finish undertakings of more than 25 million sq ft material territory.

Metal Roofing

Sandwich Roofing

Polycarbonate Roofing

What We do

Our Projects

We have sound knowledge and are well versed with market trends. We provide world-class Services.

Our Clients

We Believe Each Client Is a Long Term Partnership

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